Aims of the Scientific Council of the Internal Medicine:
To improve the quality of medical services in this field and by setting standards to make sure that the physician specialist internists had obtained much information and clinical skills in order to provide better medical care for his patients, and to be able to exercise self-learning later.
And supervised by the Scientific Council of Internal Medicine to train doctors in this specialty in the hospitals that have been recognized as centers of training, and shall Commission decisions and descriptions, training and public recognition of the development conditions relating to acceptance of the doctors and the foundations of training, duration and the specifications and conditions to be met in hospitals and centers of practical training. While the Committee is responsible for examinations rules and conduct of examinations and development.
The certification means the Scientific Council of  Internal Medicine that the holder of this certificate has obtained the required training period and has been successful in the examinations prescribed by the Board. The symbol of this certificate to the excellence and superiority . Holder will be expected to provide the best medical care in medicine, internal medicine