There has been a significant evolution in the diagnostic methods (prey and non prey) and in the treatment plans and in the means of research in diseases of the heart and blood vessels and in the last three decades.
Until recently, doctors are trained in specialties minute Arabs in foreign countries. The increased demand on the competence of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, so it became necessary to create a training program in terms of accurate and in particular the jurisdiction of cardiovascular diseases under the umbrella of the Arab Council for terms of reference for health, where there are hospitals in several of the great Arab homeland and recognized ability with those who made it to training by the major global institutions. The aim of the creation of these programs to be carriers of this specialist certificate are able to carry the message of humanitarian training and patient care, and OWNS Mrtpthm scientific adviser for Rank in competence.
The great development that has occurred in diagnostic and therapeutic tools, which greatly improved the means of cardiac patient care requires high technical skills and clinical expertise to be used in an appropriate and effective in the management of patients.
The main goal of the fellowship program in the Arab cardiovascular medicine doctor, my heart is to graduate competent, honest and subtle that it can assess and diagnose patients with heart disease and address the best means.
The main objectives in the training program is to train a doctor:
1 - understand the values ​​and professional ethics based on Islamic principles and humanity.
2 - to grasp, in all good science theory in the field of cardiovascular disease.
3 - to acquire the education experience of self-review of books, magazines, scientific articles and recent developments and points of controversy using the methods of cash for any of the business process, and to reach the stage of scientific maturity to reach meaningful conclusions.
4 - access to clinical skills based on scientific methodology for the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases effectively and efficiently.
5 - increase and develop his skills in a technology of prey and other prey in the field of diseases of the heart and blood vessels for the diagnosis and management of patients with heart disease.
6 - access to extensive experience in the care of patients with heart attack case, the bad, and recruited at full speed.
7 - to conduct research with a focus on heart problems in the community found it, and alert the relevant authorities to carry out the requirements to manage or prevent the occurrence of these heart problems.
8 - must learn how to express any subject related to heart disease, and be able to mature discussion of controversial topics, and to respect other views.
9 - provides advice to doctors from other jurisdictions regarding the problems of their patients with a heart attack.
10 - Education and training of other members of the medical team, cardiac (including resident doctors and nurses).
11 - it must possess characteristics that make it in the command center for the team's heart to him and which need a lot of patience and endurance.
12 - follow his interest in one subject of jurisdiction, such as diagnostic tools is of prey, prey diagnostic tools, planting Noazem footsteps, cardiac intensive care, ..... Etc..