Given the expansion of the great event in the area of ​​jurisdiction of Nephrology in the Arab world, it became necessary to find a training program for high-level to contribute to the construction of qualified doctors are able to secure the care required for the growing number of kidney patients and help maintain a good level to the level of services in the units specialized located in the Arab countries and work on the expansion of this branch of medicine and promoting it.
1 - must be on the elements involved in the people of total commitment to this training program of higher level, which aims not only to meet the urgent needs of these people, but to provide an integrated program to train doctors of internal (defined as physicians have completed training in Internal Medicine) and to equip them with knowledge and skills, and how clinical trial and take the proper positions for the exercise of nephrology.
2 - conditions that must be provided in the institution (hospital) to accept it as a training center (it is not necessary to have all the facilities available in the same hospital, but can be shared with other centers within the same city, for example).
2-1 provide the following facilities:
2.1.1 Histopathology of renal biopsies read.
2.1.2 Urinary Surgery.
2.1.3 Laboratory analyzes of clinical trial.
2.1.4 Unit kidney transplant.
2.1.5 rays.
2.1.6 Vascular Surgery.
2-2 In addition, you must have a library containing books medical books in the core internal medicine and kidney disease as well as provide access to recent publications in nephrology and related.
2.3 The hemodialysis unit in which at least thirty patients.
2.4 The existence of a center for the cultivation of the College in the same city.
2-5 provides peritoneal dialysis.
2-6 provide for a renal biopsies, all types of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, provide Angiography college, where the availability of these requirements is necessary to develop the skills and confidence breeds success of this program.
2-7 that the institution is ready and willing to do medical education and scientific research.