The evolution of Medicine Gastroenterology and Liver - branching of the internal diseases of public - a major development during the last two decades where he became a note of the theoretically and practically and technically very broad, with no room for the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills and clinical it without frequenting this area and to practice it for several years, the two years prior to the of time and is now three years, and there in some European countries are training programs for four years in this specialty.
The stunning development in this field has become requires information theory and skills of clinical practice devices of a particular kind, must be the doctor to be on the knowledge, experience, knowledge and holder of a Certificate of Specialization in internal medicine general and then move to the train in the area of ​​this medicine for a period of not less for three years to be able to specialize in this knowledge and be able to deal with patient needs in this area, so it is a sub-specialized, accurate and advanced medical care in the hierarchy of the patient.